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     Options  for advanced blasting  

The query sequence is filtered for low complexity regions by default.

Filter Low complexity(DUST with blastn,SEG with others.)

X dropoff value for gapped alignment (in bits) (-X)

Threshold for extending hits (-f)

Cost to open a gap (-G)

Cost to extend a gap (-E)


Perform gapped alignment
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Graphical Overview
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Color schema

Show GI's in deflines (-I)

SeqAlign file (-J option must be true) (-O)

Believe the query define (-J)
Procedure HTML output (-T)
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Penalty for a nucleotide mismatch (-q)
Reward for a nucleotide match (-r)
     Other options  

Query Genetic Codes (blastx only)

Frame shift penalty for blastx
DB Genetic code (for tblast[nx] only) (-D)